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Selling homes, land & river properties since 1980, Humboldt Land Company specializes in North East County real estate, including Willow Creek, Blue Lake, Salyer and surrounding areas. 

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Gated entry, Willow Creek, and Gregg Creek flow through parcel, with a beautiful private swimming hole on Willow Creek. 3 ponds, the largest one has fish and waterfowl. 40' X40' metal shop building. Two small green houses. Tree cover of Douglas Fir, Tan Oak, Cedar, and Madrone. More... Gregg Creek Pro's Close proximity to town (34 miles from Arcata to the west, 3 miles from Willow Creek to the east) Southwest corner of Gregg Creek parcel is located on the edge of the adjoining properties homesite (Top of road). Highway 299 frontage with private road to single 126-acre parcel (only deeded access is PG&E). A high security gate is located at the intersection of the driveway and Hwy 299. This section of Hwy 299 is exceptionally scenic with Rock cliffs towering above a secluded bend of Willow Creek. Well maintained driveway 9/10ths of a mile to upper homesite well rocked and compacted, (rolling dips, grading, erosion control, and fuels reduction performed on road. Four unimproved roads provide access to various parts of the land. Road's access three potential building flats on the property (Water and power are in close proximity to the building sites PG&E power is located in two places along the old highway (new steel power poles have been installed preventing fire caused by transmission lines) A CFIP management plan exists for the property (several areas on the property have good quality stands of Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar, and Tan Oak. Five acres have been thinned with a CFIP project. Fuels reduction has been performed in various locations on the property. A five acre flat exists at the upper homesite that includes an acre and a quarter pond This million-and-a-half-gallon pond has the feel of a mountain lake in the wilderness. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout. Two rock pits exist on the property (one is developed providing an ample volume of shale road rock for resurfacing the roads The second pit has larger "rip rap" rock" The property is under laden by a huge volume of rock There is potential for large scale development of a permitted rock quarry similar to R. Browns (quarry to the east of Gregg Creek). Future road widening and improvement on Hwy 299 creates a likely need for quarry rock that exists on Gregg Creek. Buildings Four buildings exist on the upper Homesite (One 40 x 40 Metal building, two sheds are insulated and wired, one Bath house, and two greenhouses) Sheds are 16 x 24-foot, 12 x 16 foot and 8 x 12 Foot Green houses are 70 x 30 foot and 20 x 20 foot Water The property fronts on Willow Creek, a large tributary to the Trinity River. Willow Creek is a high-quality Stream providing excellent refugia for anadromous fish, and many other species of wildlife and invertebrates. The property includes riparian water rights to Willow Creek and Gregg creek Gregg Creek, a tributary to Willow Creek, bisects the property at the lower end of the creek the lowest flow measured in 30 years is 60 GPM Average yearly flow is 200 GPM. There's an existing three-inch gravity flow water line with a diversion on the east fork of Gregg Creek The line terminates at a headworks next to the lake. A two-inch flow meter is installed in the headworks There are 3 ponds on the property including the upper lake. The upper lake has a volume of 1-½ million gallons The upper lake's outflow feeds the middle pond and then into the lower pond The outflow from the lower pond flows down through the property connecting back to Gregg the ponds provide high quality habitat for waterfowl and wildlife There's a thriving population of several species of duck The property includes 2 permitted water diversions One is the existing three-inch diversion (25 years old), and one is a undeveloped freshwater spring for potable water Preliminary paperwork securing well development with Rich Well drilling. A 2,500-gallon water tank is installed uphill of the upper flat A 1,700-gallon tank is also installed uphill of a garden flat above the upper homesite flat Water is plumbed across the upper flat tying to the homesite, bathhouse, and green house's

126 Acres Highway 299, Willow Creek

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